My 4 Favourite Bed Time Tea Recipes

Are YOU a huge tea or coffee lover? Tea took me a while to get into (self confessed coffee addict over here...) but when I started mixing my own flavours, using fresh herbs and having them before bed, they became my 'must have' to end the night. 

Some tea can wake you up (because they have added 
caffeine) so making your own flavours is a great way to ensure you get a good night sleep. 

There are endless flavours, and you CAN use a little help from caffeine free herbal teas like lemongrass and ginger, chamomile, peppermint etc. Change up the flavours, add different spices and try different herbs and you can make your OWN fresh tea. The best thing is, if you make a big batch and night time....have a mug and then the rest leave in the fridge for a cold ice'd tea the next day - It's delicious. 

My favourite flavours are: 

Fresh Mint:

This is hot boiling water with 10 mint leaves. This can also be paired with some honey or a peppermint tea bag. (Also goes great with a mint slice....but I'm not saying that haha!) 

Turmeric, Ginger and Honey: 

This recipe is great for when you're feeling a little under the weather! The ginger, lemon and turmeric will help you fight your cold. Pop a little sprinkle or turmeric (enough to turn the colour deep yellow), 1cm fresh ginger peeled, 2 lemon slices and a tsp of honey. Mix and drink! 

Lemon & Honey:

Similar to the above, this recipe is the best for when you have a sore throat! The honey soothes and the lemon gives you a little kick you need! It's a great one to have in the morning. 

Star Anise and Basil: 

Now, If you're going to try any of these....Make this one your first! This is my new favourite...I can't stop making it! The star anise has an amazing liquorice type flavour and it is SO good warm or cold. The little bit of cinnamon gives a little spice to it so it feels like you're drinking a cinnamon, liquorice lolly!

I hope you absolutely love these! I promise you'll have a great nights sleep with one of these before bed. Let me know if you try any, I'd love to hear your favourites or any other flavours you love to make! 

Love, Leah x