BARE Guide Challenge Starts 13th January!

What is the 6 week challenge:

 To join in on our BARE Guide 6 Week Challenge, all you have to do is purchase the BARE Guide or have purchased before, there is nothing else you need to do other than sit tight....and wait for the fun! Our 6 Week Challenge will start on Monday the 13th of January and run until Sunday the 23rd of February however, you can join at any time before Monday 13th of January.

Closer to the date, you will be sent additional BARE Guide Challenge Resource documents which will help support you throughout this journey and also help keep you accountable throughout the 6 weeks. I would recommend joining the Facebook Group for some of the below fun! 

The 6 Week Challenge Documents Include:

  • Weekly Measurements
  • Goal Tracker Document

What is this $500 AUD Grocery Voucher Prize? How Do I Win?

I will be rewarding 4 lucky winners with $500 (AUD) grocery vouchers. These winners will be women who are living & breathing the BARE healthy eating lifestyle over the 6 week period.

As the 6 week challenge is about YOUR goals around mental, emotional and physical health and nutrition, we will be judging the winners with a range of factors set out below:

  • Social Media Activity
  • We of course need to be able to see that you’re active, living and breathing the BARE way when it comes to being online! Being active could be posting on Instagram (remember to tag so we see it!), sharing on your creations on Facebook and with the FB group community, engaging on the BARE Guide & Leah's Instagram posts and overall being active on social media.

  • Goal Progress
  • We’d love to be able to see your progress. Of course everyone has their own goals so we want to take ALL types of tracked goals into consideration. Your progress could relate to how many dress sizes you've gone down, how many CM you've lost off your waist, how many KGS you've dropped or even how how much better you feel mentally & emotionally.

  • Support
  • The BARE community is an incredible place for support, and we’d love to be able to see you asking, sharing and inspiring others on your journey within the BARE Guide Facebook community group. If you don’t have Facebook this is okay - We’d love to see support on your other social media profiles. 

  • Community contribution 
  • If another member asks a question and you have the answer - we’d love if you could help them out! The BARE Guide Facebook group is all about helping and supporting one another, so I'd love your help in doing so. If you don’t have Facebook this is okay - We’d love to see some sort of community support on your social media profiles. 

    • Positive and active member 

    As a base, we’d love to see that you’re a positive and active member of the BARE Guide community and are smashing through your goals, supporting and inspiring women all around you. .

    We will be announcing our 4 lucky winners on Monday the 24th of February, 2020. 

    If you have any questions, feel free to email us at 

    Otherwise, I hope to see you SMASHING your goals in January.. I'll sure be joining in!

    Leah xx