5 Ways To Increase Your Daily Exercise (NEAT)

While healthy eating is important for a balanced and healthy lifestyle, exercise also plays a pivotal role. In my BARE Lean Guide, we recommend you're moderately active and enjoy 30 minutes of exercise a day - and note the word ENJOY! 

Exercise should include a combination of strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training, it's always good to have a variety in your schedule. It's not about crazy long workouts in the gym every day, it's about moving your body in an enjoyable way that you can sustain, change, move and work with. Keeping yourself fit works wonders for your mental and emotional well being (ever felt on top of the world after a run?! it's THAT feeling!).  

Many people think that for weight loss, you need to smash yourself in the gym each workout for hours on end, but this just isn't the case! Have you ever heard of NEAT? Neat is "Non exercise activity thermogenesis" which is the energy you burn everyday that is NOT due to specific workouts, but more things like walking to work, gardening, cleaning, typing on your computer etc. This actually accounts for 15% of your Total Daily Energy Expenditure, where as your exercise may account for 5% - so there is a huge gap to be utilised! 

Here are some of the ways I like to move my body on a daily basis that DOESN'T involve the gym.. I'm sure to much of your surprise, none of them are in the gym.

1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Take the option of getting your heart rate up and using the stairs at work, trust me.. You'll be surprised as to how beneficial this would be. For someone who takes the stairs into work and walks a block before getting there (parking a little further away), you're already two steps ahead of the rest!

2. Park further away from work & walk 5-10 minutes extra to the door.

Like I said above, if you drive into work... is there any capacity to park perhaps 1 block away and walk? This is a great option to get your heart rate up and enjoy a small walk to & from work to your car.

3. Standing at your desk vs. sitting

Ever thought about a sit stand desk? You don't have to stand ALL day, but you can get some movement in if your job requires you to sit for the entire day. It's great for keeping those aches and pains (or maybe thats just me haha!) away and  Effectively by standing at your desk your body burns more energy, which allows this to count as being more active.

4. Walk your dog in the morning or night

This is a great way for you to get out of the house with your partner and get some fresh air with your dog (if you have one!). Mitch and I love to walk Reggie and Wally even if its for a few blocks at night, just to get them out! 

5. Do the house work (yuck but....we all gotta do it!)

You'd be surprised by how many ladies in our BARE Guide community have been losing extra body fat by just doing the house work each week and eating healthy. We ALL have to do it, so why not put some music on loud and enjoy it! There is seriously something special about belting out Adele while mopping! This is one that doesn't seem like much, but really.. Doing the housework allows you to be quite active. 


There are many other ways in which you can get your daily exercise up, however, these are the 5 that are most realistic to ME. It's important you do things that make YOURSELF happy and suit YOUR schedule. Give these a go and embrace being more active each and every day, as your body, mind & soul will feel good!

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Love always,
Leah x