3 Hacks to Make Your Food Taste Better in 30 Seconds

There is nothing worse than bland food! Luckily, there a few simple hacks that can completely change your meal from yuck to yum in 30 seconds.

1. Squeeze Half a Lemon

Adding lemon juice or zest to your meal, sweet or savoury, completely changes your whole meal. The freshness and citrus tang of lemon enables flavours to reach their full potential. In fact, lemon is just as important for flavour as salt is! Just squeeze half a lemon over your dish and you're done. My favourite thing to add lemon on is salads! 

2. Add a Table Spoon (or Two) of Tomato Paste

Tomato paste is the secret to giving your meal body and enriched flavour. Whether your cooking pasta sauce, stew or even a curry, tomato paste is going to completely change your experience. Tomato sauce is also an amazing addition to any dry rub. I add it to my spice mix with a little olive oil and BAM - you've got yourself an incredible marinade. A couple tablespoons will do the trick!

3. Spice, Spice And More Spice!

There's no denying that the right spices can make or break a dish. After salt and lemon, they are the bread and butter of flavouring. The trick is to get the right balance and combination of spices. I love a sprinkle of dried oregano, garlic and pepper to accompany my salt - everything goes with this combination! 

Do you have any secret hacks? I'd love to hear them! Share them with the community in the comments below.

Happy cooking,

Leah x