How To Enjoy BARE For Life

If you're reading this then I'm guessing you've nearly completed or have completed your 12 weeks of the BARE Guide...

...BUT this is not the end!

In fact, this is only the beginning because I've designed the BARE Guide so that you can enjoy healthy eating forever.

As you know by now, this isn't a quick fix or restrictive diet. BARE fits into your lifestyle!

Whether you're working, studying, parenting or travelling, you can enjoy the ease, flexibility and taste of BARE for life, and here a 6 amazing tips to show you how.

1. Reflect

Take a moment to appreciate all you have just achieved! For 12 weeks you have committed yourself to healthy and balanced eating with BARE so really celebrate this amazing milestone. Reflect on how far you've come and how great you are feeling because this will give you the motivation and inspiration to keep making this healthy commitment for yourself.

2. Experiment, experiment, experiment

As you know, BARE is packed with over 120 exclusive recipes and an abundance of swaps and alternatives so there is plenty of room for you to experiment and have fun in the kitchen. Try different veggies in you dinner, mix up the spices or choose a different protein - the options are endless! Plus, you also know how to create your own BARE meal, so don't feel like you're restricted to the recipes. My confidence in the kitchen came from being ok with making mistakes, so don't worry about getting things perfect straight away, just give it a go.

3. Read back over your resources

Your resources are packed with food, cooking and nutritional information to make healthy eating super easy and suit to your lifestyle. So one of my biggest tips is to read back over your resources so you don't forget all the helpful information that's in them.

4. Keep up the momentum

For 12 weeks, you've been eating healthy and delicious food, enjoying balance and using your weekly planners and shopping lists to organise your meals. So don't stop now! Keep up this amazing momentum! These are the habits that will help you to enjoy a healthy and fun relationship food forever, and if you ever get stuck or stop, that's 100% ok! Know that you can ALWAYS start again.

5. Stay connected

BARE has an amazing online community! I love how everyone is sharing their stories, creations, tips and tricks because this helps you to stay motivated. So stay connected! Keep sharing and talking with everyone in the Facebook group and supporting each other on socials because this allows you to be inspired and keep working towards your individual health goals.

6. Rinse & repeat

If your like me and LOVE the structure of the BARE Guide or ever get stuck and stop then you are more than welcome to go back to the beginning and start again. You have lifetime access to the BARE Guide and can easily repeat the process by moving through the 4 week blocks again.

7. Print

If you haven't already then I highly suggested printing out everything in your BARE Guide. From the recipes and resources to the weekly planners and the BARE Guide itself, everything is an extremely useful tool that will continue to help you feel happy and healthy, while enjoying all your favourite foods. Printing off and putting the pages into folder makes it that much easier for you to enjoy BARE for life.

So now you know all these amazing steps, it's time for you to log in to your BARE Guide and start implementing them! Click here to get started.

If you have any questions then please feel free to send them through to

Happy eating,

Leah xx