About Me

 Hi Guys!

Thank you so much for joining me on this delicious food Journey! My Name is Leah Itsines and I find it hard to label myself as one specific thing…so, I’m going to go with Creative cook and Author, good enough…right?

I’m on a mission to help people make simple, quick and delicious meals, and In turn…help you build creativity and confidence in the kitchen.  I’ve created my website in the hope that it can be a place of support, confidence and balance for each and every one of you that come through. There are simple recipes, comfort food, healthy meal prep, one pot wonders and much, much more! There is also a range of products that can help you spice up your life! I want this website to be a hub where EVERYBODY can learn, grow, experience, taste and bring my recipes into their own home.

 A little bit about me… I was raised in a tight knit Greek family where FOOD was the centre of everything. As I grew older, cooking for myself and my family is super important to me as it takes me back to my happy place where I feel truly at home. I learnt everything I know from my mother and grandmother, who are both excellent cooks. People often ask me how I learn to cook, and all I can say is that I learnt by doing. I took the knowledge that my family passed down to me and created my own classics from simple breakfasts like overnight oats and yummy fritters, to delicious main meals like pasta and pizzas. The process of cooking for me, is super therapeutic for me and I love how you can control your ingredients and enhance the taste with fresh herbs and spices.

If you’re new to cooking…don’t be scared! Just get in the kitchen and it will only be a matter of time before you surprise yourself with some amazing skills and delicious results.

I want nothing more than to share these recipes with you and hope it inspires you to get creative in the kitchen and thoroughly enjoy the foods that you eat. Let me help you find the balance that suits your lifestyle and discover and happier and healthier you!

Love, Leah x

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