About Me

Hello and Welcome, I’m Leah Itsines – a self taught cook who LOVES to EAT!

I’m on a mission to help you make the BEST nutritional decisions that support your lifestyle through the use of CREATIVITY and inspiration in the kitchen. I COMPLETELY understand when people say “but being healthy is HARD” …. because there is SO much information out there on what “healthy” really means – it could send anyone mad!

In my opinion, being “healthy” means to enjoy your life, have an amazing relationship with food and exercise and most importantly to LOVE yourself inside and out. “Healthy” is NOT eating chicken and broccoli until you explode, It’s not missing out on dinners with friends or family because you’re not allowed to have what they’re eating and its certainly not skipping meals!

Through correct nutritional education, paired with the basic courage, skills and ability to cook for yourself and others, we can take the initial steps toward leading a healthier, unrestrictive, yet balanced lifestyle with the use of simple, affordable, easy recipes.

I do not believe in diets, fasting, or even restricting yourself from eating certain food types. I believe we should live our lives to the fullest with a balanced nutritional regime and of course a few chocolates here and there!

Let us work together as a community to help spread the message that we shouldn’t be restricting ourselves, instead, we should be smashing our health and fitness goals with a healthy balance of food and nutrition.