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BARE is a digital guide (eBook) which is packed with amazing recipes that have been tailored into a 4 week meal plan!

Not only is BARE filled with incredible recipes, it's loaded with educational information, shopping lists and a load of leah's favourite kitchen tips to kickstart your health goals. 

With over 50 colourful recipes, Leah worked closely with a Emily Hartley, a Registered Dietician who carefully ensured each and every one of these recipes is balanced and nutritionally adequate. This guide will inspire you to have a go and learn for yourself just how effortless it is to create nutritious meals that everyone will want! BARE is a fantastic starting point to learn how to eat in a healthy, but balanced manner. 

In BARE you'll discover:

  • A load of recipes that are tailored for one person
  • Simple food, but doesn't restrict on taste
  • Leah's tips for food shopping, herbs, kitchen items
  • Shopping lists and 4 weeks worth of meal plans 

BARE is an exciting new plan that will educate, empower, inspire and make you feel like the healthiest version of YOU! BARE will be sent to the email you use to purchase.

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