If I have a medical condition/pregnant/breastfeeding…Can I join BARE?

If you’re any of the above, I ask that you please consult with your doctor or professional health care provider before starting this journey. Although I believe BARE is an incredible tool to assist in making you feel incredible, each individual is different and may need more tailoring.

 What happens after the 4 weeks of BARE?

After the four incredible weeks of BARE, you are now holding your recipe bible! There are 60+ recipes in there that you’ve now become a pro at making! There’s also nothing wrong with repeating days or even the entire weeks all over again if you’re a super organised chick! 

What is the calorie intake for this plan? 

Emily and I believe that counting calories can often contribute to an unhealthy relationship with food. Rather we’d prefer you focus on the nutrition and the value that each food group provides - in the right amounts of course! However we do understand that some may be on a weight loss journey and can see the value in knowing the nitty gritty.

The BARE guidelines are based on roughly 6,500-7,000KJ/day for a moderately active person. So if you are someone who exercises quite frequently and vigorously or are quite tall you will require more kilojoules to meet your daily energy requirements. However any female aged between 19-50 years of age will be receiving the appropriate amounts of nutrients if this guide is followed. To convert from kilojoules to calories simply divide by 4.18.

My grocery list looks long – help!

Don’t stress, please! Some of the shopping includes staples that will last you for weeks, or even months! Each week we had repeated the staples so ensure you check your quantities! You’ll find the grocery cost will decrease significantly once you have those pantry staples. Once you have all spices, oils & nut mixes, you’ll only be buying fresh veg and proteins weekly.

Is this book Vegan/vegetarian? Gluten free? 

Unfortunately, the book is of a general diet which includes meat, gluten & dairy. We are working on getting a vegetarian book out as soon as possible. This diet contains wheat, barley, rye and oats. It is not classified as gluten free, however high fibre gluten free options can be substituted.

What about exercise, is that included?

BARE is a realistic eating guide, which does not included exercises. The guide is tailored to a woman between the ages of 19-50 who lives a moderately active life style. The guide will provide recipes that will assist your gym routine and help you feel incredible!

Will this be delivered to my house?

This is an Electronic book – So it will not be delivered in hard copy. The E-book will be sent to your email within 15 minutes of purchasing.

Can I get a Refund?  

Due to the digital nature of the e-book, once it has been opened and viewed, it is deemed as "used” and we are unable to process refunds. If you have specific dietary requirements and you would like options to change within the recipes, feel free to email and we will do our best to provide the best information possible! If you've bought two by accident or have a similar situation, we can discuss refund options. 

I've lost access of the e-book, how do I get it back/ I didn’t receive my digital copy.

If you are unable to access your digital guide following your purchase, please contact us using the 'Contact Us’ tab at the bottom of the website. Include "No Access to Digital Guide" in the message subject field or first line of the email. Any information you can give us on the email address used to purchase, whether you used PayPal credit card will speed up the process - so be sure to include this in your email! We will be sure to reply within 2-5 business days, so please be patient.

What is included in this e- book?

BARE is comprised of 60 + recipes that have been tailored to fit into a perfectly balanced four-week guide, which will help you get started on your healthy journey! There are information pages, meal prep plans, shopping lists, how to break habits and MORE!


When you purchase an e-book, your credit card details are NOT stored. We do not keep any information on file, other than your order number and corresponding email addresses.  When you sign up for a mailing list on this site, your email is securely stored for the sole purpose of delivering the latest, most delicious recipes to you and any other information you have requested. Your personal details will never be shared with any other third party without your express permission.

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