The Nourishing Cook

The Nourishing Cook

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This isn't an ordinary cookbook; it's a creative guide that will inspire you to have a go and learn just how simple it is to cook delicious and nutritious meals that everyone will want to eat.
I am a self taught messy cook, and am my happiest when I'm preparing delicious food for the people I love! I'm on a mission to help others make healthy eating an easy lifestyle choice by promoting creativity and confidence in the kitchen. 

With over 100 colourful recipes that are close to my heart, The Nourishing Cook will inspire you to have a go and learn for yourself just how effortless it is to create nutritious meals that everyone will want to eat. You'll discover:

  • A clear approach to nutrition for every meal.
  • How to love making simple, yummy food by going back to cooking basics.
  • My tips for food shopping, setting up the kitchen and my all-time favourite staples.
  • How to boost your energy and reset your body with my five tailored 'days on a plate'.

I believe my passion for healthy, wholesome food shines through on every page, and the key ingredient here is balance - if you enjoy a varied diet that is flexible and full of whole foods, this book is for YOU! 

Thank you for taking the time to come over and check this book out - I am SO EXCITED! 
Love, Leah xx

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