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3 Easy Remedies To Boost Your Immunity


I don't know about you but I hate getting sick or run down!

It's never a fun time, and with everything going on I definitely don't have the time to spend days in bed.

If you're here then I'm guessing you're exactly the same! WOO! (We must be twins haha)

So I wanted to share with you my 3 easy recipes to boost your immunity!

Whether you're trying to get over a cold or simply looking for something to boost you're overall wellbeing then these recipes are perfect for you.

Plus, they're super super super easy!

Let's get into it...

1) Honey & Tumeric Remedy

We're taking convenience to a whole new level. This is one of my favourite remedies to avoid getting sick and is so easy to store in a cool dry place. This mixture is perfect to add to teas, toast or anything warm delicious. I love having a teaspoon of this mixture with a squeeze of lemon in hot water as a tea. Trust me, you'll thank me later.


Honey & Tumeric Remedy


2) Remedy Pumpkin Soup

This easy and healthy pumpkin soup is so nourishing and so delicious. There's no cream in this one, instead I've made this pumpkin soup with coconut cream but you could also use coconut milk. The coconut makes this a great easy dinner recipe for vegans but I know everyone will love it. 


Remedy Pumpkin Soup


3) My Apple Cider Immunity Shot

I love this Apple Cider Immunity Shot because it's the perfect thing to help you fight off a cold or for when need a wellness boost! It is PACKED with so much goodness!! and is a great natural remedy to add into your routine. I even made a video for this recipe so you can follow along with me! WOO!



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Leah x

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